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Frequently Asked Questions

Rates for Services

Initial Phone Consultation (15 minutes) - FREE
Individual Session (50 minutes) - $150
Couples Session (50 minutes) - $160

Do you accept insurance?

I am currently contracted to work with Cigna. If you have another insurance, I can provide you with a monthly invoice (also called a super bill) that you may submit for reimbursement if your insurance plan has an “out of network” benefit.  Please contact your insurance provider for details. 

If you have a PPO or POS plan, you most likely have what are called Out-Of-Network (OON) benefits. This means your insurance may reimburse you a percentage of any out-of-pocket costs as determined by your plan's coverage. I recommend calling your insurance provider directly to determine what your plan offers in this area- you may be surprised!

How do I know if you’re the right therapist for me?

Choosing a therapist is a very personal decision. I have found that therapy is only as effective as the relationship between therapist and client. The best way to determine if working with me is right for you is to book a consultation to learn more about me and trust your instincts when we speak! Ask yourself: “Can I see myself feeling safe and comfortable with this person? Does it seem like they *get* me ?” 

How long and how often will we meet?

Counseling sessions (both online and in-person) are based on the 50-minute therapy hour. Typically, sessions are scheduled once per week. I have found that a week between sessions is the ideal amount of time to integrate change into daily life without losing momentum in therapy. However, frequency of sessions can be increased or decreased based on your need, preference or availability. The overall length of treatment can vary significantly based on your needs and the goals of treatment. It is my priority to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible, while still striving to create deep and lasting change.

Why should I choose online therapy?

It’s simply a preference of whether you want the ability to meet with me in person, or whether you prefer the convenience of online therapy.  There are some situations where I find online therapy isn’t the best option. We’ll talk through this during your consultation to determine if that is the case.

How do we connect online?

Once you have your consultation and your initial appointment is set up, I will send you all the information you need. You will have to complete some paperwork online so I can know some basic information about you before we meet. I will also send you a link to my virtual waiting room. It’s best to test it a few minutes before your appointment to make sure everything works before your session.

I use a HIPPA-Compliant platform called to meet with clients virtually. It’s easy to use and does not require you to login or download anything. You just open up the provided link in your web browser and you’ll be in the waiting room! If you prefer to do it on your phone, you can download the free app.

What technology do I need?

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Fees and Payments

Please note we are out-of-network for health insurance, so we do not accept insurance payments for our sessions. We are happy to provide a receipt for service as some plans may allow payment out of health savings accounts, flexible spending accounts, or provide partial reimbursement for out-of-network services.

Please see our online therapy session fees below. Our fees are in US Dollars, and can be paid through our Client Portal.

Initial Consultation

  • Completely free
  • No commitments
  • By phone or video

Extended (Double) Online Session

  • 80 minutes
  • Simple and convenient
  • By HIPAA Compliant Video Platform

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