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Therapy to help you find balance, success and empowerment.

Think Big Therapy offers therapy and coaching services to help you focus on you. With a specialty in adults and couples working to improves their lives and relationships, find clarity, develop self-worth, and cultivate their strengths to realize their best selves, we offer convenient, flexible and specialized services for your needs.

If you are here, chances are you are looking to work with someone who "gets" you and will help you start healing and shine stronger.

Meet Michelle

Michelle Ingrosso is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who works with professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs find balance and success in all aspects of their lives including career, relationships, and personal fulfillment. She is dedicated to helping individuals who are struggling with stress, those who are overcoming obstacles in relationships, and those seeking to become unstuck in current life patterns. 

Depending on her client’s unique needs and goals, Michelle seamlessly transitions between therapy and coaching, providing both emotional support and actionable guidance. As the founder of Think Big Therapy, Michelle’s direct and driven approach to therapy focuses on helping you find your purpose and your path towards a meaningful life.

Michelle Ingrosso, LMHC
How We Help

Whether you're stressed at work, having communication issues with a spouse, or just looking for answers, seeking balance through therapy can help you focus on your goals.

Through therapy, we work on clarifying your goals, isolating and reframing beliefs that have held you back, and creating a plan of action for the future.

Psychotherapy For Healing & Empowerment


Always one step behind your health goals? Struggling with stress or anxiety? We'll look at tactics for making productive choices toward a healthier, happier life.


Struggling to find meaning from your 9 to 5. We'll talk about your work relationships and your professional goals to search for steps toward fulfillment and progress.


Can't figure out why you are feeling anxious or on edge? Understand what's bothering you, improve your coping skills and gain a more balanced perspective.


Whether you're struggling with a spouse or recently experienced a breakup, we'll work on processing the emotions that are keeping you from moving forward.


You are in charge of your life and your happiness. Together, we'll work on freeing you from past challenges so that you can thrive in the present.


It is generally difficult, if not impossible, to feel content without first being able to love and accept the self. Therapy can help uncover any possible reasons that it may be difficult to practice self-love.

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Online therapy allows you to login at your convenience from any device.


All our therapists are qualified, insured and professionally trained with experience in private practice.


From scheduling your consultation to talking to your therapist, it all takes place online! Flexible appointment days and times also allow for easy scheduling.