How Do You Know if a Relationship is Toxic?

One of the easiest -- and hardest -- things to do in the world is to get into a toxic relationship. While things may look perfect on the outside, or even seem like it to you a lot of the time, toxic relationships are more common than you may think. However, there are warning signs and red flags everywhere that can alert you to whether or not you may be in a toxic relationship. 


This One Thing is Holding You Back

From criticizing our own reactions to situations to looking for the bad in everything, all of us have been in a position where negative self-talk seems to cloud all other thoughts. Regardless of how optimistic of a person you may consider yourself, no one is positive with their thoughts all the time.


The Gifts of Being Introverted or Extroverted

Some of us might be more likely to curl up under a blanket with a movie marathon on Friday nights, while some of us are much more apt to go out with a big group and dance until the sun comes up. Some of us prefer to recharge alone, while some of us feel most alive when we’re around others.


3 Tips to Incorporate Mindfulness into Your Everyday Life

The benefits of mindfulness are undeniable. While it can feel a little “new-agey” to some, mindfulness practices have been around for ages.


How to Become a Better Decision Maker and Overthink Less

Being a good decision maker doesn't always mean making decisions fast and assertively. It's more about understanding the appropriate amount of time a decision should take, and then feeling confident about whatever choice you end up making.


Self-Empowering Your Way to Healthy Self-Esteem

Maslow’s theory of achieving self-actualization can prove a bit daunting to those individuals who experience difficulty in meeting esteem needs. Given that for many, self-esteem is based upon the approval and acceptance of others, the esteem rung becomes a stumbling-block to self-actualization...


Facing Relationship Problems, Rather than Facebooking Them

As we have increasingly turned to social media to conduct our personal, professional, and social lives, what started as a convenient means of organizing our lives, building networks....


Find Your Purpose, Live With Meaning

There is a great deal of talk lately about living a meaningful life and finding our purpose. While the concept is pretty simple, it can be quite confusing. What is our purpose? How do we find it? Many feel they have found their purpose in their families, jobs, or through volunteerism or activism...


Healthy vs. Unhealthy Stress

Stress and anxiety are unfortunate facts of the daily existence of many. Busy schedules, long commutes, limited sleep, and poor diet are the usual stress and anxiety inducing culprits....


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